Poison M&Ms?




For all of you using the “bowl of M&Ms” analogy: This one’s for you.

What if you had a process for screening the M&M’s that had proven to be 100% effective to this point at screening out the “poison” M&Ms?

We do.

The process for coming into the U.S as a refugee is one the most difficult ways of getting into the U.S. It is MUCH easier to come here on a travel or student visa.

So far, we have taken in 750k refugees since 9/11. None of them have been arrested for committing an act of domestic terrorism.

(Just in case you were going to say, “But the Tsarnaev brothers!”)

So, what if I gave you a bowl of 750k m&m’s and told you they had been tested and none of them were poisoned would you take a handful? Of course you would.

What if I then gave you a bowl of 10,000 more and told you they had been screened using the same process? Would you take a handful? Of course you would. You do it every time you buy M&Ms. There have been exactly as many poison M&Ms as there have been terrorist refugees. Does that mean we tell the FDA to stop checking up on their factories? No, of course not.
No one is saying we should not screen the refugees to make sure the people we let in are safe. We are just saying after they have been screened, go ahead and take a big old handful of M&Ms.


2 thoughts on “Poison M&Ms?

  1. Rosemary says:

    What a great analogy. Thanks.
    Now, I wonder if you can come up with one for Australia. Talk about a dreadful refugee policy – apparently we’ve even begin intercepting boats in Australian waters and towing them back into Indonesian water. We don’t let them land so that they can even be processed, and if they do ‘sneak through’ as “non-authorised maritime arrivals” they will NEVER be allowed to come to Australua even after processing finds they are actually refugees with a legal right to seek asylum! A good visual image of this stupidity would be great.

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