It is all America.


Over the last several hours I have seen this posted by several friends on my Facebook feed. And as much as I would love it if this were true, it just isn’t. Let’s be clear:


It is more important to recognize this fact now more than ever. Yes, the image at the top is beautiful and yes, people of all races, religions, and political persuasions are putting aside their differences to help each other during the crisis unfolding in south Texas. But make no mistake, the events of Charlottesville, Boston, and Berkley from the last couple weeks, as well as Ferguson, Baltimore, and countless others over the last several years, are America too. Unfortunately, our racial divide will not be washed away when the floodwaters subside.

Pretending it will at this point is willful blindness.

Indeed, much like the rebuilding of the great city of Houston, it will take years (not days) of effort, of coming together, of setting aside our pride and really listening to the people who are most affected to see restoration and to make this meme the truth. May we be successful on both counts.

To donate to the Red Cross Houston relief efforts click here.

To donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center click here.

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