Here and There

here and there header 9

When in the end we end up


There will never have been enough nights that I lied in your arms

When the moments of furious and sweet passion

With longing

I must wait to have with you again

Will I even be able to breathe?

No matter how many we share now they will never seem enough then

When in the end you are there and I am here


I am here


you are there

So in the while, whilst yet I breathe

Whilst your heart beats within your chest

I must savor the moments as they come and treat them with the

All consuming importance they deserve though I may be tempted to rest alone instead


I must treasure up every drop of passion our souls allow

And soar

On the wings of our quantum entanglement

So that when




Have arrived

We will have enough of the brilliance of our love to survive the night

And touch the dawn

Of the other side


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