That’s what I want. (and what I don’t)

ImageI read on Facebook today and I have been told more than once since beginning this blog my lovelies to, ‘Say what you want, not what you don’t want.’ (This is apparently a quote from Maxwell Maltz btw).

Well, all I can say is it would be nice if that always worked. But alas. It does NOT always work. I am all for speaking out on behalf of what I want to see happen. I speak up on behalf of love. I speak positively about the values I embrace, I vote for people I want to see put in office. I write blog upon blog about not giving up, about becoming all we were made to be, about strong beautiful people doing wonderful things. But sometimes…

It just flat out isn’t enough to talk about what we want to see. Some times we MUST say “what we don’t want”.

Sometimes people need to hear, No. That is not okay.

It isn’t okay to do that. Or to say that. Or to be that.

Sometimes it is simply required that we speak up and say no more.

No more oppression, injustice and misinformation.

No more bullying. No more discrimination. No more hate disguised as love.

Listen lovelies. I do want to be known for what I am for and who I am for. I also want be known for what I stand against. I think Jesus was like that and I am trying to live more like him. He is known for being FOR love, forgiveness, mercy, grace and sacrifice. He was also known for being AGAINST hypocrisy, legalism, making people carry burdens you won’t bear yourself and keeping people out who he clearly wants in.

So yeah, I am all for saying what I do want. I am also prepared to say what I don’t want and most of the time I think we have to do both. 

2 thoughts on “That’s what I want. (and what I don’t)

  1. “No” is a dam: the water builds up. “Not that, this” is a new channel, the water flows another way. No creates opposition; not that, this may create assent, a delighted realisation that “this” is really better. Say what you want.

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