i can’t live with that


hold me closer

i can’t feel you yet


i need to forget

or maybe to remember

that i’m not dead yet

please don’t let go

it is too much like dying

and i cant be without you right now

i can still see the box closing

on a friend too young to die

if you let me go

it feels like i may lose you


i cant live

with that


Crazy Amazing Design.

Finally a Christian who appreciates good design! Not that he is the only one, but sometimes it feels that way. DO yourself a favor and check out the work of Jim LePage TODAY! His work may make you angry, his work may make you stand up and cheer but most of all it WILL make you think. You will think not only about the Bible and what it says, the good, the bad and the ugly, it will also make you think, “this guy is a crazy amazing, ballsy design super hero!”