Dear Mr. Trump from a Grown-Up Theater Kid


Dear Mr. Trump,

As every theater kid knows, the theater is a safe and special place. It is probably one of the safest and most accepting places I have ever experienced.

But there is one thing every theater kid knows: we stick up for each other. We are a safe space for the underdog, the awkward kid, the gay kid, the jock who wants to sing and dance and anyone and everyone who will accept us as we are.

But there is a time when we are not a safe space. We are not a safe space for bigotry. We are not a safe space for sexism. We are not a safe space for racism. We are not a safe space for those who want to divide us.

Once the theater helped us find our voices we can no longer be silent. We will use our voices to challenge, to encourage and to expand the hearts and minds of the people.

After all, there is a reason fascists and dictators shut down or seek to control movies and theater when they are in power.

We the theater kids will not sit down and shut up. We will not be silent in the face of the normalization of everything we stand against.

Mr. Trump (and you too Mr. Pence) we theater kids learned a lesson in empathy that you were denied somewhere along the way. But hear us now, even still, we would be happy to share that lesson with you if you are willing to learn.

The theater is big enough for us ALL.


A grown-up theater kid

9 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Trump from a Grown-Up Theater Kid

  1. robert ludlow says:

    that made absolutely NO SENSE. you have no adherence to logic. there is a glitch in your thinking; it’s as if you only understands “i am right,” and then you just say stuff with no thought of its meaning. if “the theater is big enough for us ALL,” then it must also be big enough for Mike Pence and Donald Trump, and their views and dispositions. secondly, bigotry is an intolerance for an opposing view. therefore, logically, you cannot call someone a bigot while being intolerant of their view. that makes you a hypocrite. if you want to be inclusive, and celebrate diversity, and not be a bigot, then you must accept ALL VIEWPOINTS, including those with which you disagree. otherwise, by definition, your are a hypocrite. and a bigot. and also a fascist. you should learn the definition of words, and consider the meaning of concepts, before you use them.

    • “otherwise, by definition, your are a hypocrite. and a bigot. and also a fascist. you should learn the definition of words, and consider the meaning of concepts, before you use them.”

      The irony of this sentence combined with your butchery of the English language is glorious. It is difficult to make constructive arguments when you have the grammar skills of a 2nd grader. Try again kiddo.

      • Speedy says:

        YOUR AN ASS! Do you feel better criticizing a mother of a child with special needs? Our public educational system provides us with a free and appropriate education. Unfortunately what is appropriate for one child may not be a fit for another . How wonderful for you that that your education provided you with a superior understanding of the English language. I believe your president elect would be so proud of you. Perhaps you can have a position in his cabinet.

    • strangelittlebeing says:

      “If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?”

      Does that mean I’m a bigot if I am completely intolerant of child abuse, slavery and torture?
      This is not a question of hypocrisy as you are so hellbent on making it.
      This is a question of basic empathy and moral values.
      Damn right I’ll be a bigot against child abuse, slavery and torture; because more than making me a ‘bigot’ it makes me a fairly more logical person than your petty semantics makes of you.
      There’s always one idiot who tries to defend the morally indefendable preaching ‘logic’ as if it’s some sacred shield against the obvious, and that award goes to you today good sir.

  2. Tolerance has to work both ways. If we want tolerance, we have to “tolerate” even someone like Trump. I am not happy he was elected, I didn’t vote for him, I’m concerned about the future. But if we want others to love and accept everyone, we must do the same, even if we find their opinions frightening or abhorrent. That said, I’m not sure what Trump was upset about. I thought the cast’s message was very respectful and appropriate. Trump is very thin-skinned. Apologize for what? Respectfully stating their opinions? We must return to civil discourse, we must learn all over again how to listen. Trump should lead the way in that, in listening–so far, doesn’t seem like he’s figured out how to do that. But I hope he will, for the sake of our country.

  3. John Sullivan says:

    Without wishing to get into a grammar or spelling war, I hasten to point out the word is “indefensible”.

    Getting back to the central argument, when Trump yelled out, “Knock the shit out of ’em”, referring to protesters at one of his rallies, and when he asked rhetorically “You know what they used to do to people like that?”, what would you call this if not bigotry?

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