Repent or else! [a poem]

Repent or else!

Repent or else?

Or else what?

Is that a threat?

Love me or else.

Obey me or else.

I love you so much I laid down my life.

But I will hold my breath and throw a fit.

Lightning bolts and into the pit…

If you don’t love me back

If you don’t repent.

Fuck that.

My love veils no threat.

It is not dependent

On what you do

My love, it carries no or else and

No condition

To be a part from you

Tears my being

And splits my heart

But I do not throw stones

I don’t push away

In the dark

On your bed

In the shards of your heart

Through the doubts in your head

I am there

In the air

In your dreams

In the wounds you bear

In your desires and

In your fears

In your questions

Laughter hiding tears

I don’t ever go away

I came near

Your wounds to share

4 thoughts on “Repent or else! [a poem]

  1. scribblegurl says:

    It’s very moving and powerful. Also refreshing. I get tired of hearing I’m not a good enough christian, often enough not to want to identify as a Christian any more. I want to point them all to this from now on. It’s an awesome poem. You nailed it.

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