Thanksgiving and a Commitment to Being Right

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses:

  • My online friend who is mourning the recent loss of her beautiful little boy and continues to be Thankful in spite of her overwhelming pain.
  • One of my best friends who remembers his sister on this her first birthday since she passed and the looming anniversary of her death and still goes out of his way to make this weekend special for my son.
  • The two beautiful teenagers who have found their way to our home this holiday season who are hanging on to each other and choosing us to spend time with in a less than ideal situation.
  • My dear friend of 14 years who is struggling to find meaning in her life and faith right now but holds on and searches for it even though she’s not sure she wants to.
  • My husband, his Mom and all the Krabill’s as they miss Dad on this first Thanksgiving without him but still laugh and remember.

I find hope and encouragement in all these, their strength and perseverance is inspiring. It is my prayer that they will find peace this holiday season, that I can be a voice of hope and arms of love for them. They remind me to love extravagantly, and not take one day for granted; to live for the Kingdom that I can’t see but that is here and is coming where everything is made right. I want my life help bring this rightness everywhere I have influence.

Oh, and when I say “rightness” my lovelies please don’t misunderstand. When I say rightness I mean, love, justice, acceptance, peace, wholeness, beauty, joy, hope and every good thing, NOT the “rightness” that brings judgement, domination, violence and strife because that kind of “rightness” just ain’t right at all, is it?

Will you join me today my lovelies? Let’s make this Thanksgiving the year we are a commitment to be this kind of right, the right that lives in the mystery by faith NOT the right that has all the answers; the right that brings love NOT condemnation; the right that brings peace and NOT striving; the right that brings life NOT death; the right that brings freedom NOT bondage.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and a Commitment to Being Right

  1. Mitzi says:

    I am so happy that you have defined “right”. Webster’s definition “with a straight line or plane perpendicular to a base”. I, as a person, have a crooked (line) walk and always have. I now cherish that as an asset to my beauty as a child of God. Alas, my Sister, I love you! You are a changed lady in Christ and I am so proud of you! I know the “crooked walk” is work and we are not perfect…….we are Women of Valor!
    A great saying that I live by “Do you want to be Right or do you want to be Happy”?

    I love you, Michelle

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