I have often thought if I were going to get a tattoo it would be words, just words. Words are amazingly, shatteringly, stunningly powerful, playful, hurtful, inspiring things. The problem with tattoos is they are painful and I don’t like pain. And they are permanent, and frankly I think I would end up changing my mind. But, if I were getting a tattoo for today to put into words my motto for the year, it would say, “Aishet Chayil”.  Which means, woman of valor. I will not be making individual resolutions this year. Instead my singular resolution is to to tap in to the dreams God has placed in my heart that I have only begun to discover. To grab on to the corners of life and shake them as Anis Mogjani says in his famous poem. To “shake the dust” off of them and finally believe the resounding beat of my heart that echoes the very words God speaks over me and all my sisters…Aishet Chayil!

So this year, is not about what I will do or what I will have but rather what I will be. I will be strong. I will be courageous. I will be a dreamer. I will be a lover. And in so doing, I will embrace all God has for me. Hang on heart, I am feeling the urge to “shake the dust.”