Daily Musings: Chewbacca Mom, John Pavlovitz, Frank Schaeffer, Samantha Bee, and We the People

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This past weekend I got to meet up with my childhood friend and her mother. It was a beautiful time of reconnecting, remembering and being challenged. Both Pat and Christine encouraged me to write as much as I could even if it was just a daily musing.

That being said, I have a proclamation to make.

I will be trying out a new format in which I share with you my daily musings (shorter versions of what I typically write) and then mix in a longer post when the mood strikes.

Well, here goes nothing…

What is it with the evangelical world that when they find out some moderately famous person (i.e. Chewbacca mom, [who is hysterical btw] or Chip and Joanna Gaines, etc.) is one of them (a Christian) they suddenly become a hero to all Christians? Why are they able to overlook any possible sins (gluttony perhaps, or lust, or gossiping) in an effort to claim a famous person for Jesus? Listen I am all for grace. I think it extends much further than most Christians. But it seems to me most Christians are only interested in extending grace to people who “sin like me”. Meaning, I will give grace on sins I understand or sins I personally struggle with.

I think John Pavlovitz is my spirit animal. He has written several brilliant articles recently that just made me stand up and cheer. Do yourself a favor and click through to his blog and hit the follow button. You can thank me later.

The Christian Myth of America’s Moral Decay

My two cents: In my experience most of the time when people are pedaling fear and screaming that the sky is falling, they are usually trying to control people. There is not a lot of control or power you can exert over people when you are simply preaching love.

Reminds me of the scene from the last HOC episode. Frank and Claire discuss and embrace the politics of fear. “We can work with fear.”


If you want to see more about how this has happened via the creation of the religious right and the Christian Coalition, watch this video from Frank Schaeffer’s interview for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

We BE the people.

I always hear conservatives say they think that taking care of themselves, their neighbors and their communities should be done by churches, individuals, and private charities. I hear it every time I say the government should be in the business of taking care of people, providing healthcare, education and other needed services. They will say, “Well you know, somebody has to pay for that don’t you? Of course I do. Isn’t that the point? They always are saying how the government is us: We the people. We are the government. So I have to ask, why is it wrong to want to pool our resources together as a people to take care of people in a more efficient way? The government taking care of people IS us taking care of people. It is the same thing. We BE the people.

Well, there you go. The musings of my day. Let me know if you like the new format.

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