Bearable Lightness of Being

I sometimes wonder how I walked around in darkness so long thinking it was the light?

I mean, how is that possible?

How can one’s eyes be so accustomed to the dim room that they believe that is all the light that is available?

How it is that we can settle for guarding our little candle like Gollum’s Precious instead of flinging our light into the sky like fireworks over the water on a balmy summer night?
Why do we let the black holes dictate to us where our light can shine? Why do we insist that the light only be shone on those we deem worthy or at least worthy by means of admitting their unworthiness?

Why should we use a flashlight to bring a small beam to a dark house rather than ripping the roof off, breaking down the walls and allowing the light of the sun to invade every room and the flowers to bloom underfoot?
Why do we insist on making our circle so tight? Why do we light it on fire and like circus animals that have been beaten, force others to jump though it’s flames before we consider them? When we could be cutting off the chains of the prisoners, why do we instead point out the bars of their cage?

What about us? What about us? How about let’s make our circle ever expanding like the universe? Let’s cast our hopes up over our heads as we laugh with abandon and run through the grass yelling to the kids sitting in the dark, staring at the screens to “Come out! Come out and play!” The chains you thought were holding you? They are gone. The night you thought was eternal is being pierced by the dawn. The tiny stars that were the pinpoints of light on your moonless night are being drowned out by the loud, burning all encompassing sunshine of a new day. The air is bright and fresh. Breathe it deep. Fill your lungs. Life is beckoning. Love is calling. Peace is begging to be released.
When I was young I used to lie in bed when I had a bad dream and repeat over and over,
“God is peace. God is love. God is light.”
“God is peace. God is love. God is light.”
“God is peace. God is love. God is light.”
I would say until the night didn’t seem so dark. Until my nightmares didn’t seem so real. Until my heartbeat would slow and I could face my dreams again head on.”
At a certain point we have to lay down the thoughts we thrust upward to block out the light.
We have to choose to lay down the sticks that we use to draw our lines in the sand.
We desperately need to stop treating life like a school yard pick that divides into us and them and instead all play on the same team.
Don’t you want to push off the sleep mask that covers your eyes and dream all the dreams with your eyes wide open and your heart ablaze with light? We can do that you know. I can. You can. And together we can.

We can choose to be like God who is peace, who is love, who is light.

We can choose peace.
You are a peacemaker.
Bring peace.
We can choose love.
You are a lover.
Love with no unless.
We can choose to be light.
You are the light.
Be the light.

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