I Hope You Find Magic



I want to talk to you about love for a minute.

Can you remember the last time someone looked at you like maybe you were magic? Has anyone ever looked at you like that? If not. I hope someday someone does. I wish that for EVERYONE.

Can you remember the last time you looked at someone and thought for a second they might be magic? Maybe they are. Maybe you are. Maybe I am. Maybe all of of us are looking for someone in this life who if just for a split second looks at us and sees something so beautiful that it defies physics and belief and time.

Call me sappy, but people, hold out for that. Hold out lovelies, not for someone who is perfect, or that you agree with on everything or that you never argue with, but hold out for someone who sees magic in you. Someone who you look at and see magic even if no one else does.

I just went and watched the Fault In Our Stars with my daughter. It was stunning and beautiful and I don’t care what anyone says, I loved it and I want my daughter and my son to find a love who looks at them and thinks they might be magic even if they are in the middle of pain that demands to be felt.

Yes, life happens. Yes there dishes and for some, diapers. Yes there is cancer and death and just general fuck-up-ed-ness  that cannot be denied in this life. But it is a privilege to live it. It is a privilege to get to love someone. It is a privilege many never get. So if you find someone like this. Take whatever small infinity* you are allowed and live it with abandon.

*Go see the movie and you will understand what I am talking about. And yes, this movie is for you. I don’t care who you are.

5 thoughts on “I Hope You Find Magic

  1. Great advice! The only person who ever looked at me like I was magic was a married man, alas, and I had to pray for his marriage to be made so strong that I couldn’t interfere with it. Painful episode. The only people I’ve looked at like they were magic were my twin great-nieces; I felt such abiding love for them when I first met them. Not saying it won’t ever happen for me, but in the meanwhile I know that God looks at me as if I’m magic and I can say the same about God’s world.

  2. Im so in love with this post. I was just thinking about someone who looks at me this way and googled “looks at me like magic”. And came across this lol..it truly is such a thrill to be looked at that way and to feel the same way for that person, theres just nothing that compares.

  3. eddie says:

    I too love this post.

    Yes, may we all be so lucky as to find someone who looks at us like maybe we are magic. And may we be even luckier to find someone at whom we will look this way too.

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