Why is This Kiss News?



Oh wait, that’s not the picture everyone was talking about? Nope, it isn’t. But it might as well have been. More about that later… Yesterday, someone (or rather, many someones) asked the above question on the interwebz beneath a picture of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend when he was selected by the Rams. “Why is this news?” The collective cry went up on social media. People called it all the usual descriptors “disgusting” and “abomination” being among the favorites. Some people lamented that “There are children watching.” Some wondered, “Why would ESPN would show such a thing?” And again many asked, “Why is this kiss news?”


jackie-robinson-e1399921380815Why is it news you ask? I’ll tell you why it’s news. First, it is news for the same reason Captain Kirk kissing Lieutenant Uhura was news; it makes people uncomfortable. It makes people uncomfortable now the same way it made people uncomfortable when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball. People say the same things: it will ruin team chemistry; it will make the locker room awkward; it just isn’t natural. As far as the first two go, if you have played a sport or participated in gym class or belonged to a health club, you have already shared a locker room with LGBT people. Get over it. If you are worried about it, here is the link to a very handy article published by The Huffington Post a while back called, How to Behave Around Your Gay Teammate in the Locker Room. As for the last one, “it isn’t natural”, tell that to the 9 million people in the U.S. who identify as LGBT and the 1,500 species of animals that exhibit homosexual behaviors.

Second, it is news for the same reason as it is news when any other public figure (and sometimes regular folks) kisses…9 times out of 10 they are celebrating something. Think about it. People kiss when wars end. People kiss when their team wins. People kiss when they win anything: awards, games, elections, promotions…anything. People kiss when they have a baby and when they get married. People even kiss on the cheek to greet friends or when they are introduced at a party. People also kiss for weird reasons and make the news: when there are riots, when they start college or when they set world records. People kiss. It makes the news. It happens, literally literally (just for you Josh Mitchell) every day. Just most of the time people don’t notice because it doesn’t make them uncomfortable. I am hoping someday soon the picture of Michael Sam and his boyfriend kissing will seem as normal as these pictures of other athletes celebrating their victories…


kel brookSanyaRichardsRoss:aaron ross St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Pujols kisses his wife Deidre after the Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers to win MLB's World Series baseball championship in St. Louis Chris Bosch Short Track Speed Skating - Winter Olympics Day 3 kyle busch bubbawatson Elway

Or these politicians…

inaugral ball mitt romneyLauraPresKiss

Or these entertainers…

SJP and MB at Oscars Perry:brand grammys brad and angie SAG awards jayz-and-beyonce-pda-kiss-grammy-awards-2014-lead matthew mcconaughey best actor oscar

Or these everyday people…

Vancouver_riot_kissing_couple vj

Listen lovelies, people like kissing (we even like pictures of animals “kissing”). They like to kiss and be kissed. And yes, many even like to see other people kiss. I have a theory as to why. Kissing is an outward sign that love still exists. Kissing means there is still hope for humanity; there is still hope that we can love and be loved. It is a sign that there are still things worth celebrating. And in times of uncertainty and fear, kissing is a sign that love can still win. For me that is what the Michael Sam kiss and all these other kisses represent. And that my friends is why kissing and this specific kiss are news. Good news.  http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2014/05/10/michael_sam_kiss_the_st_louis_rams_pick_the_openly_gay_missouri_star_in.html

17 thoughts on “Why is This Kiss News?

  1. I can’t wait for the day when it will be unremarkable for gay people to be able to hold hands with or kiss their partners in public the same way heteros do. It was nice visiting White Rock Community Church last year to meet and hear Timothy Kurek speak and seeing gay couples sit with their partners like it was the most normal thing in the world.

    • I just see a nice simple kiss with the example you have and I don’t think anyone would of been upset if Sam gives his girl a simple kiss and hug , but they went to full make out sessions smearing cake on each other faces and licking it off was a bit much go back and watch the player kiss and hug there partner its simple and quick then go back and watch Sam kiss his girlfriend it’s way over the Top ..

  2. I can’t wait for the day when it will be unremarkable for gay people to be able to hold hands with or kiss their partners in public the same way heteros do. It was nice visiting White Rock Community Church last year to meet and hear Timothy Kurek speak and seeing gay couples sit with their partners like it was the most normal thing in the world.

  3. B Alzabub says:

    These are just the innocent kisses. Where are the other shocking pictures you failed to post? Homoerotic anal/oral sodomy is the new, beautiful, societal virtue! Kids should learn it, practice it. We should all be comfortable enough to rub/insert our genitalia into/against whomever we want (ask permission first!), and glorify these acts through Hollywood and Sports Entertainment, and eventually sanctify it through official government edict. Those who disagree should lose their jobs and face public shame, or even jail terms. In the name of “love” of course.

  4. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    Looking forward to the day when love is so normal, all love, that people are happy their kids see it. Today it is normal for kids to see fighting, hate, and bullying. Bring on the love!

  5. Drew says:

    Well said! I thought it was a beautiful moment. I hope Michael Sam has a long and successful career. He is an inspiration to many!

  6. I think it’s nice to see them being open about it like straight couples do. If people feel uncomfortable that’s fine and it’s fine if they say so as well, I think. But the homophobic and intolerant comments are totally put of line. And about the locker room article, I agree- I mean just because I’m hetero doesn’t mean I aim for every guy I know, so it doesn’t make sense that LGBT people do.

    -The Ace

  7. charlie says:

    Pleasantly surprised by this article, seeing as how the comments on this news story tend to be vitriolic and ignorant. The video of Michael Sam made me cry. I’m sure he had to endure years of homophobic behavior, of people telling him his “kind” doesn’t fit in sports. This was an affirming moment in the history of gay rights. Someday a man kissing his boyfriend won’t be news, and that day can’t come soon enough

  8. An important point and well-made. I saw the picture itself and teared up. Good for Michael Sams and good for his team and good for the country.

  9. Don C. says:

    It is sad and disappointing to see the media keep this event in the news. EricW, I don’t know what bible your church uses as it’s foundation for the way we’re instructed to conduct ourselves but mine (KJV) has not changed its message or doctrine in over 350 years. The media and others can say that this behavior is acceptable or normal a trillion times but that DOES NOT make it so.

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