What if? Would we?

What if?

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What if God is more expansive than we think she is?
Will we only be unnerved because I referred to him with female pronouns?

What if he really is light and there was no darkness in him at all?
Will we still want to leave some in the dark?

What if loving her and loving your neighbor really is what it’s all about?
Will we add an unless?

What if all of history and science and math and invention and art and music and medicine and poetry and story and truth and beauty are reflections of his majesty?
Will we still try to divide everything into sacred and secular?

What if God really did become one of us?
Can we recognize her?

What if all truth is God’s truth and all beauty is God’s beauty?
Can I still accept some and reject other?

What if we stop judging each other?
Can we?

What of we start forgiving one another?
Can we?

What if we carry each other’s burdens and walk the extra mile without complaining?
Will life look different? Will life feel different?

What if we stop trying to convict one another of our respective sins and start loving each other exactly as we are?
Will we still look for a loophole?

What if all the stories told about God aren’t what is true about her but what people think was true about her?
Can we learn from them anyway?

What if there really is a beam in my eye and I am still trying to remove the speck in yours?
Will you still help me?

What if we really believe it is grace + nothing?
Will we treat each other differently?

What if everyone really does get in?
Will we be upset?

What if God loves us with no unless?
Can we even comprehend that?

What if God loves you at your worst even if you never change?
Can you handle that?

What if we really believe he loves like that?
Will we see ourselves differently?

What if we really love like that; with no unless…just like Jesus?
Will we see each other differently?

What if hell isn’t a place but something we choose for others and for ourselves; here and now, even though heaven is a choice away?
Will we choose differently?

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