A 20/20 view of the Manosphere


So, the Manosphere: It’s a thing and they would like you to swallow the “Red Pill”. Yes, like in The Matrix except not like in The Matrix. The bros of the manosphere have appropriated this phrase from the popular film franchise and use it to refer to waking up to the “truth” that it is men who have gotten the short end of the stick throughout history. The manosphere is an online community of loosely affiliated blogs and websites that guide you through life after swallowing the “Red Pill”. Most of these sites encourage men to become dominant “Alpha” males and develop “game” by which men will be able to have the most sex possible and/or that through dominating, shaming and gaming women you can get what you want, the world will be saved, women will actually be happier and families will stay together.

To hear them tell it the “Red Pill” is the new cure all wonder drug for men.

Until recently I didn’t realize that this corner of the internet existed and because of it I am experiencing a new appreciation for the phrase “ignorance is bliss”. However, remaining ignorant will never bring change. If we do not know we have walls full of vermin we will not call an exterminator. (No I am not advocating exterminating anyone. I am advocating extinguishing a damaging dogma and replacing it with love and respect.)

Tonight at 10 EST on ABC’s 20/20 they will be running a piece on the manosphere. My DVR is set. Perhaps after that I will do a follow up post. We shall see. In the mean time, if you would like to educate yourself on the inner workings of the manosphere you can check out the links below. I will try to divide them into their different focuses. You may want to have a puke bucket for when you feel nauseous, a stress ball for when you feel frustrated, a tissue box for when your heart breaks.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

PUA (pick up artist)
claim that by responding to natural cues women give off signaling what they as women actually do want, men can gain great power to seduce women

Return of Kings

Matt Forney (His tag line is ironically, “The man who shouted love at the heart of the world”). I don’t think he knows what the word love means.

Alpha Game

The Red Pill Room

Men’s Rights Activists
emphasize the injustice against men in areas like: anti-male bias in family law, and draconian domestic violence legislation that women demonstrably use as a strategic tool to attack innocent men, and how the misguided assumption that males are privileged contributes to men’s significant legal disadvantage

The Spearhead

A Voice for Men

Red Pill Traditionalist Christian
focus on using Red Pill concepts to empower women to protect themselves from feminist propaganda that will lead to unhappiness


A Voice for Men


Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)
claim that the anti-male injustice is endemic to society and can only be addressed by its collapse, or simply that the emasculation of relationships with women in a feminist society, and the risks of marrying, having children, or even in some cases engaging relationships with women in a society with feminist laws are not worth the rewards

fedrz blog

MGTOWS forums

No Ma’am

Manosphere Economics and Political Philosophy
point to the inherent economic instability of feminism and the eventual social and economic collapse it will engender.[2]

Captain Capitalism

Vitas Brennus

The Rational Male

Female Manosphere Bloggers (yes, this is a thing too)

Sunshine Mary and the Dragon

On the Rock

Unmasking Feminism

Red Pill Wifery

Red Pill Marriage
run by men who provide instruction on using the techniques of Game/Seduction to build and maintain attraction within a marriage

Married Man Sex Life

Average Married Dad


Viva la Manosphere

The Puerarchy

Boycott American Women

There is a blog called The False Rape Society. The Southern Poverty Law Center offers this description, “The False Rape Society is an Internet news aggregator, subtitled “Community of the Falsely Accused,” that features stories about allegedly false rape accusations and “feminist”-crafted “anti-male” legislation. While the site focuses heavily on news stories about false rape allegations, it frequently veers into such posts as the New Year’s Day item attacking a female supporter of then-presidential aspirant Michelle Bachmann for telling a reporter, “It takes a woman to get things done.”

Alcuin in Wonderland is a site that has gone private but you can read about them here.


The Red Pill Society Pinterest page

The Red Pill Reddit

Marky Mark’s Thoughts which is also private but here is a screen shot from the google search:

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 5.11.29 PM

What Others Are saying

Business Insider: Inside Red Pill, The Weird New Cult For Men Who Don’t Understand Women

Southern Poverty Law Center


*credit to Wikipedia for my category descriptions

25 thoughts on “A 20/20 view of the Manosphere

  1. Word of Woman,

    Before I respond to your post, I have one question (and possibly a follow up): Do you consider yourself to be feminist? And if you think you are, why are you?

    I promise, as a member of the manosphere I will not shame you.

  2. These kinds of people have been around for a long time online. Before that in high-school we used to call them He-Man Woman Haters. Extreme even wrote a song about them. I can’t read through too many of those links before the bad logic and glaring insecurities give me a headache. Anti-Male injustice? Yeah, I’ve had it sooooo bad as a male in our society. Poor me. Wah, wah, cry like a baby.

      • Mike,
        Very mature.
        It is my policy to publish most comments; Especially ones from folks who disagree with me. I usually draw the line at people using abusive language against other commenters. I do know Matt personally and he is a big enough man to take whatever you have to dish out. So I think in this case I will let it ride if for no other reason than to let you prove my point.
        Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I wish you well.

  3. lexikatscan says:

    You think this lack of trust for that which you desire, and to spawn the next generation that men would promote being homosexual as a viable option?

    Thank you for posting.

  4. atoughpilltoswallow says:

    Most women flip over Red Pill wisdom in general. I think its because removing the “feminine mystique” is the equivalent of emasculation for men.

    When I first “unplugged” 3 years ago I was very skeptical, but empirically I can say the psychology is legit. And praise Zeus for it! My interactions with the opposite sex are much more dynamic and my relationships have logical framework I can manage. Additionally the affection I’ve received from my companions is more passionate.

    This perspective applied to society in general is what the Manosphere is about. If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT.

    Maybe the sisterhood should be shaming their girlfriends for sleeping with us douchebags. I refuse to reward bad behavior from the girls I hang out with, it works great on my end.

    • atoughpilltoswallow says:

      Oh and as far the hate goes…

      I watched my mother financially and emotionally ruin my father and psychologically scar all 5 of her boys through a divorce in the 90’s with her interpretation of “girl power.” It came out a few years ago that she had borderline-personality-disorder, but back in the 90’s my fathers decrying of her mental state and actions was dismissed as misogyny.

      She truly abused and drove 4 of us out of her house that my father was forced to pay for while screaming victim-hood the entire time. It wasn’t until we refused to leave our father’s house, that the courts would even reconsider her fitness as a parent.

      My father was angry for a long time and is still very bitter. I have no doubt that similar experiences happen en masse across the country to this day. I certainly don’t see any incentive to get married although I’d love a family.

      There’s an obvious double standard and anger is the natural reaction to injustice. Unfortunately anger rarely communicates a message articulately.

    • Most women “flip” over red pill wisdom because it is the same abusive, illogical crap that they have had to put up with for decades, re-framed as “wisdom” that they have to “open their eyes” to by not believing the “lies” that society tells them. Which is technically the same logic the Nazis and the witch hunters and the slave owners all used when their world view was questioned.

      You also misuse the term empirical there – that means you have objective numbers to support your data. You only have subjective bits there about how much more improved your relationships are with other women, Charles Manson also found better interaction with women once he adopted his crazy ideas. It wasn’t his ideas that improved it, he just started attracted people as crazy as him once he solidified his views. That is what you are seeing – solidified views, no matter how bad or good they are, will lead to better definitions of relationships. Even of people think your definitions are totally insane, they will at least be happier with you once they know where you stand. But they will probably talk about how crazy you are behind your back.

      Since none of us can say what people think about us behind our backs, none of us can really say that we know for sure or not if our relationships are really better or not. We can just say that people treat us more like how we want to be treated, but that is no reflection of whether we have discovered a “truth” that others or missing or not. It could be that people are just humoring us hoping we will just not go crazy on them.

      But since I follow none of this Red Pill silliness and my relationships with women are completely dynamic and logical, I guess that also shoots down any of that.

      Look, all of this “anti-male” injustice is just what we sane people call “bad luck.” It still happens to men in places like Saudi Arabia, where “red pill” like logic is state religion. Men still get the short end of the stick because life is just difficult at times. What happens with all of you “red pill” types is that you get so pissed about the injustice of life in general that you decided to adopt a completely narcissistic, self-centered approach to life. But since most people consider that “evil”, you have to have something to still make you look and feel “good.” So you invent theories about anti-male conspiracies to make it look like you are the victim of conspiracy rather than the just a mean selfish narcissist. And conspiracy theories draw people in, no matter how crazy they are. I made up a theory once about the world is prejudiced against tall people. Throw in a few out-of-context facts and quotes, and people will believe you. I had to actually tell people in the online forum I put it on that I just made it up – they were all actually going for it!

      Most men flip over Red Pill stuff because we know the BS you have to feed yourself to actually believe it. It has nothing to do with being indoctrinated by feminists. It just means we can see through your delusional thinking and we don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

      • atoughpilltoswallow says:

        My, such hate!

        Tools are only as good or bad as their users. Actual game is only an outlined system, (an evolving one might I add,) of how things work. If a person is going to be manipulative, angry or abusive that is already inside them. Its like saying people with psychology degrees are sociopaths and ect….

        There’s plenty of manosphere blogs that aren’t so bombastic or incendiary. It just doesn’t further the cause of the people perpetrating this witch hunt to highlight them.

        The hardest thing about men “taking the red pill” is the re-wiring involved. Its going against everything you’ve ever been told to become a better man. Yes for many of us its about creating a better positive masculinity. Some of the sites listed go in depth about positive masculinity. Again it doesn’t suit the agenda.

        But hey guy I’m not here to dispute your mangina world view. I’m enjoying an exercise in futility by attempting an objective defense of the game community on a feminist site. But alas its saturday and this is silly.


      • The “red pill” stuff is pretty stereotypical “real men ____” stuff wrapped up in an extra layer of “lalala I’ve got my fingers stuck in my ears I can’t hear you so I’m gonna use pointless words like mangina to try and insult you” kind of silliness. My Dad taught me not to let myself be programmed by anyone and to always think for myself. When you grow up that way, you see the weird ways that “red pill” people are just buying another weird set of biased beliefs and wrapping them up in ineffective language like “positive masculinity.” You are making the leaders of the movement a lot of money by buying into it – so go ahead and be a lemming that doesn’t think for himself.

        And you really do need to get a better dictionary there – there is no “hate” in my response, as well as there is nothing “objective” in your defense. That is silly to say either of us are objective. We all have our opinions and it just reveals ignorance to use terms like “objective” and “empirical” so poorly.

      • Of course, everyone should take note that this is exactly how certain groups (be they a church or a government or a men’s group or whatever) that secretly know they are wrong use bully tactics to get their position out. Instead of offering any real reasons why they are right or others are wrong, they resort to attempted insults (usually with words that have no meaning to most people) while accusing the other side of being hateful (even when there is no evidence of hate) and of having a mental disorder (normal people don’t need to be re-wired, only those with disorders or brainwashing – something that is impossible without extreme specific intent according to Science). See, its not that the “other side” has a valid opinion that is different than yours (which is what most rational people believe)…. no, it would be too scary for them to give you, the reader, license to consider both opinions equally without all of their attempts at emotional manipulation. But, of course, since they believe you are “wired” (aka brain washed) in the first place, they think they can manipulate you through these same tactics to switch sides. There is no engagement on a human level because that would mean admitting that your “opponent” is equal to you and therefore their opinion might also have equal validity. Its all a classic case of dealing with people that deep down know they aren’t right but do everything they can to create a mirage of imbalance with themselves on top.

        So what you are going to see next is either 1) no response 2) a vain attempt at humor that amounts to “LOL you so silly I’m not wasting my time” or 3) an extreme rant on how brain washed I’m am, probably filled with more attempts to insult with words that even a 10 year old wouldn’t find that insulting.

  5. krwordgazer says:

    This stuff is awful. There are also radical feminist sites that I’ve come across, full of negative ideas along the lines of “the only good man is a dead man.” Thankfully, most men and women actually respect the opposite sex and just want to function as equals.

  6. So, the Manosphere: It’s a thing

    No, it is many things. Trying to wrap it all up into a thing makes it easier to condemn all the parts you don;t like or cannot refute.

    Specifically, PUA is denigrated by *many* MGTOW. And the absurdity of trying to group Dalrock with PUA sites makes clear that you either understand neither of them, or that you intentionally obfuscate the differences.

    Folk, I invite you all to make your own exploarations and form your own opinions. Do not let a woman define so many different types of men.

  7. Linking Fedrz blog and the No Ma’am blog together as references kinda illustrates your stupidity on the subject, since they are mirror blogs of each-other.

    Good research you did though! Apparently you had a good look through both of them before you slapped together some google linkage. I’m sure your feminist theory profs would approve and thumbs up a good ‘ol fashioned peer review for ya!

  8. Luke says:

    The OP doesn’t seem to know much about the manosphere, and the guy Matt posting (assuming “Matt” is actually a male) is your typical White Knight hard line feminist enabler – I hope he ends up in Family Court one day on the end of a divorce ‘settlement’ – he may find it enlightening…

      • Githyanki says:

        Somewhere around 56 percent or so of marriages die. Between 75 to 80 percent of these divorces are initiated by women. In my neck of the woods in 1 in 11 divorces the man calls it quits. 10 times it is the woman wanting out.

        What is really embarrassing for women is that apparently this fem centric skew apparently disappears when relationships where no money is involved end. Then it is roughly parity.

        So you take your pick

        A system based on masculine privilege so toxic and badly skewed that women want out in droves. And yet seek that same marriage prior to the age of 30 or so.

        Or modern toxic womanhood taking advantage of a system badly skewed in their favour in droves.

        On a side note: Many are not red pilled by the manosphere. The Rational Male provided an explanation for things I saw anecdotally happening since the 1980’s around me. And the shoe fits a hopefully dainty heel viciously planted on a man’s testicles. In return for the maximum of provisions and the minimum of time invested in a relationship as a legal right for the woman and a legal obligation to provide ever after for the man.

        So there you have the empirical AND the anecdotal evidence saying that odds on your friend Matt may very well have experienced this by now. The MGTOWs have more right than wrong.

  9. Hipster Racist says:

    never bring change

    What makes you thing anyone wants the “change” you are trying to bring here? How about “be the change you wish to see in yourself” and stop worrying about what other people are doing, yes?

    If we do not know we have walls full of vermin we will not call an exterminator. (No I am not advocating exterminating anyone. I am advocating extinguishing a damaging dogma and replacing it with love and respect.)

    Ah yes, comparing people to “vermin” that need an “exterminator” – but thankfully, you reassured us you didn’t want to literally kill anyone, but just replace “dogma” with your “love and respect.” I have to say, your choice of analogy leaves me a bit suspicious of how much “love and respect” you are personally able to give.

    I’ll pass, thanks. Keep the change.

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