I have seen the face of God and he looks like Nate Ruess (and you).

family#funSo last night we went to see Fun. in concert. To say they were freaking amazing is not even a worthy attempt to explain, so I will try more words because I really feel the need to share my experience with you.

There is something transcendent to me about being at a concert like that. There is something electric. Something like magic. I stand in the crowd, just one in a sea of humanity and a part of me feels like the whole thing is like an elaborate flash mob that someone lovingly crafted just for me. Nate Ruess, must somehow know me, the way his words peek into my soul and subconscious and give flight to things I didn’t remember I wanted to say. And his voice pierces my heart and I stand with my eyes closed and just give myself to the music. And. The Music. Gives. Back. And We Dance.

How is that lovelies? How is it that when I hear the words of Carry On or It Gets Better I feel like my heart will explode? And I feel more connected? And I feel more alive? I am not sure how that happens. All I know is that when I see the face of Nate Ruess, I see a glimpse of God himself and I am reminded that his image is EVERYWHERE. It is in Nate. It is in me. And, lovelies, it is in you.

There is a line in The Gambler (which is about Nate’s parents) where he talks about himself in the third person, he says, “He believes we’re all just lovers, he sees hope in everyone.” Me too Nate, me too.

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