Let’s get these girls in school!

banner-educationToday is my 44th birthday and I would like to see if together we can send 44 girls to school for the year.

I am hoping you all will help me.

  • For each year, a girl stays in school, her future income can increase by 15-25%.
  • Girls with secondary schooling on average have 2.2 fewer, yet healthier children.
  • If 10% more girls attend school, a country’s GDP increases an average of 3%.

For $52 you can send a girl to school for a whole year. That is only $1 a week.

Come on, let’s change the world for the better this year!

I am starting by paying for one and my church is also paying for one. that only leaves 42 to go.

Click this link to get started.

When you are done please leave a comment on this post and we can all keep track as we approach our goal together!

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