So this actually exists and the world is worse for it.


So people often ask me why I am a feminist and then they point out all the ways that women and men are equal (look we can vote, own property and have our own bank accounts!) and that it isn’t like we live in an episode of Mad Men anymore.



I’ll tell you why, because THIS…


Blachman is a real, actual, Danish prime time reality television show where the man on the right, X Factor’s Thomas Blachman and another male guest critique a live nude woman’s body. YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT AND YES SHE CAN HEAR EVERY WORD. (Why a woman would subject herself to this kind of humiliation is beyond me).

Here is what Mr. Thomas Blachman has to say for himself…

[T]he entire idea of the show is to let men talk about the bodies of naked women while the woman is standing right in front of them. The female body thirsts for words. The words of a man.”


“Ungratefulness is the only thing that can really wear down the few geniuses who reside in this country. Remember, I am giving you something that you have never seen before.Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

In an article on The Daily Mail he put it this way,

Blachman, who is a Danish X-Factor judge, today defended his idea insisting he was actually doing women a favour as the ‘female body thirsts for the words of a man’.

He also said his show – which has the eponymous title Blachman – was the work of a genius and had a higher objective of ‘discussing the aesthetics of a female body without allowing the conversation to become pornographic or politically correct’.

(Not sure how the phrases ‘How’s that p****’ working out for you?’, ‘Very animated nipples.’ and asking a woman to turn around because he is an ‘a** man’ fit into those parameters.)

The show’s FEMALE producer has this to add,

“We have a program that reveals what men think about the female body. Quite honestly, what is wrong with that?”

It breaks my heart that this passes as entertainment; that women are willing to put themselves in this postion; that there are people who are willing to put this on the air to make money; and that there are people who tune in to watch. It is just a sad day all around and this makes me almost too tired to fight. ALMOST.

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5 thoughts on “So this actually exists and the world is worse for it.

  1. steviepreater says:

    Wow how gross. And he thinks he’s doing women a favour? How self-involved is this guy? And no, I don’t understand why a woman would want to go on a show like that either.

  2. Let Blachman stand naked before a panel of women on a live show and see how “the genius” likes it. As my mother used to say, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

  3. scribblegurl says:

    It just actually fills me with rage. At the stupid women who participate, at the female producer, and at the tiny-membered asshats who think this is acceptable. Every time I think humans aren’t so bad, something like this raises its ugly head. 😦

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