Without feminism… (And a nod to Ms. Stiles)

Today I met a car salesman named Chris who grew up as the child of a single mother. We talked about a lot of things in the downtime of “doing a deal”. We talked politics, religion, marriage equality and feminism. I love meeting men who celebrate and even champion equality. So, good job Ms. Stiles. You raised one of the good ones. In your honor here is my list of things we would lose we’re it not for women like you and men like your son.

Without Feminism you lose…

Your property

Your right to vote

Your autonomy

Your right to decide where, when and whom  you marry

Your bank account

Your right to inherit

Your right not to be abused

Your right to drive

Your right to leave home with out a male family member

Your right to wear what you wish

Your right to education

Your right to choose when or whether you become a parent

Your right to travel without permission

Your right to choose where and when you have sex

And so much more.

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