My first free review copy (from Frank Viola no less)

Beyond Evangelical

So this morning I was tagged in a Facebook note by Frank Viola, author of works such as:

You can order any/all of Frank’s books here.

In the note he offered free review copies of his new book, Beyond Evangelical. Here is  the description of the book offered on Frank’s website:

Recent studies indicate that evangelical Christians are known by the world as people who are narrow-minded, judgmental, self-righteous, legalistic, callous, hard-hearted, politically partisan, and quick to attack their own. Why is this, and is there a viable cure?

The evangelical Christian world has fractured into four main streams. One of these streams has grown weary of the Christian Right vs. Christian Left squabbles and vitriolic disputes. If this describes you, then you are not alone. And you will be encouraged to know that God is raising up a new breed of orthodox Christians who are breaking free from the Christian Right vs. Left quagmire.

Beyond Evangelical explores the changing face of evangelicalism and introduces readers to a growing segment of the Christian population who do not fit into the Right or Left categories, but who are marked by an uncommon devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ as this world’s true Lord.

I am excited about reviewing this book because I definitely fall into the category of people who have “grown weary” of the Right vs Left disputes and don’t fit into the neat little categories. This issue has been simmering for a while and this book from Frank has emerged as well as this article  from Rachel Held Evans (Liberal Christianity, Conservative Christianity, and the Caught-In-Between) to address it. I cannot wait to share my thoughts about this book with you my lovelies.

Well, I’d better go. I have a book to read.

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