I and My Husband are One, but It Doesn’t Mean We Agree on Everything.

Ruth Graham was once asked if she and Billy agreed on everything. Her response? When two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary.

No two people agree on everything. This was true of Billy and Ruth and it is true of Kent and I. Kent and I are fond of saying that we are one, and we are. We are one in heart, one in purpose and one in love. What we are not is one in thought.

When I began this blog, I made an assumption that people would know that it contains my musings, my thoughts, my feelings and my beliefs. Some of these beliefs are ones that my husband and I share, some beliefs are mine alone and some beliefs are still up in the air for one or the other of us.

It has recently come to my attention through loving friends that people who know both of us assume that since I am making my statements in a public forum Kent must have approved them first or that every point I make here is a point he would make himself. For that I have asked his forgiveness. It is not fair to him for my thoughts and statements to be laid at his feet. Hopefully this post helps any misunderstandings to be avoided in the future.

We try to build our relationship on mutual respect and mutual submission. We, by God’s design, sharpen each other through discussion and sometimes hearty debate. We believe that we are each the other’s keeper and we live our lives to love each other. This does not mean that he is responsible for what I say or that he agrees with it. As always (as all of you who know Kent already know), if you want to know what he thinks on a topic, all you have to do is ask him. He has never been known to be shy. For now, just know that whatever I say here is me talking. Some of it is stuff he would say, some of it is not, some is undecided and some is a mixed bag.

8 thoughts on “I and My Husband are One, but It Doesn’t Mean We Agree on Everything.

  1. Since this is your blog, I was under the belief that these were your thoughts. If Kent had a blog, I would think those were his thoughts. It confuses me why people would believe you are speaking for your husband. It’s not a leap I would ever make. 🙂

  2. Michael Ownby says:

    I like the diagram and the quote…”When two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary” …Greatness!

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